how to combine leather bag

How to combine your leather bag with your look?

The leather handbag is a timeless classic in the fashion world. Whether you have a genuine leather bag or another accessory, it's a versatile piece that can bring elegance and sophistication to any look. From Lauburu we offer you some tips to combine your leather bag with style.

Combine your leather handbag with these tips

Sometimes it can be difficult to create the perfect outfit for an event, here are some tips and guidelines to create the perfect look.

  1. Color coordination: the key to a successful look is color coordination. If you have a neutral-colored leather bag, such as black, brown or beige, matching it is easy, as it goes with almost any shade. However, if you opt for a more brightly colored leather bag, make sure that at least one element of your wardrobe matches it.
  2. Personal style: your leather bag should reflect your personal style. If you are a more classic person, a structured leather bag is an excellent choice. If you prefer a more relaxed look, a tote or crossbody style might be more appropriate.
  3. Comfort and functionality: in addition to looks, make sure your leather bag is comfortable and functional. Check that it has enough space for your essential belongings and a design that allows you to access them easily.
  4. Season and weather: keep in mind the season and weather when choosing your leather bag. In winter, a leather bag may be a perfect choice, while in summer, you might prefer a lighter and cooler bag. Always choose what is in trendy.
  5. Appropriate occasion: consider the occasion for which you plan to wear your leather handbag. Smaller, sleeker models are ideal for formal events or evening outings, while larger bags are perfect for everyday use. A perfect bag for any occasion is our Boadicea Taupe Handbag.

What can your leather bag add to your outfit?

When it comes to fashion, it is often said that details make all the difference, and the bag you choose is one of the most important details. In particular, a leather handbag can be an accessory that really stands out in your ensemble. A leather bag, whether it's an elegant handbag or a practical shoulder bag, can add an instant touch of elegance to your look. Leather has a timeless and sophisticated quality that suits both formal and casual events.

On the other hand, leather bags are known for their versatility. Neutral colors like black, brown and beige are safe choices that will go with a wide range of outfits. This means that your leather handbag can serve you for multiple occasions and seasons. It should be added that, in addition to their aesthetic appeal, leather handbags are often very functional. They offer multiple compartments and space to keep your belongings organized. This is essential for a neat and effortless look.

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